Let’s be honest, nobody wants to read the small print, we just want to enjoy browsing. However to ensure all parties involved feel comfortable, we’ve put together a list of Terms and Conditions to make sure we are all aware of where we stand. Though we take every action to ensure you enjoy your experience of our website, we strongly advise you read it over before purchasing anything from muel.co.uk to ensure you end up completely satisfied with your purchase and our service.

If you are at all unsure of anything present or none present in these Terms and Conditions please contact us at info@muel.co.uk

Any use of the terms we, us, our, are in reference to Muel Mountain Bike Apparel. Any use of the terms you or yours is in reference to the user or customer.

By using the Muel website you accept compliance with the following terms and conditions:



– The user is on this website entirely at their own risk and therefore Muel cannot be held responsible for any unwanted responses that may arise as a result of using the website

– The Muel brand (including the hills logo and typeface) is entirely the property of Muel Mountain Bike Apparel.

– Muel welcomes visitors to the website on the condition all content including images, branding, logos, designs, photos, product descriptions and uploads to social media pages are not in any way copied or manipulated for public or commercial use. All images belonging to and are the property of Muel Mountain Bike Apparel. Legal action may be taken if and where relevant to ensure all content maintains under the property of Muel Mountain Bike Apparel.

– Content of the website is determined by the purposes of the company at the time it is live and therefore we reserve the right to change or delete parts of it as and when it becomes necessary for the interests of the business. We reserve the right to implement these alterations at our own discretion and without public notice.

– Any links placed to third parties are not to be seen as endorsements or sponsorships (unless otherwise stated).

– We cannot be held responsible for the content of any third party websites.

– We reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions wherever we feel necessary and are not under any obligation to inform the user if this happens.



– Our customer / company agreement consists entirely of these T & C’s, a purchase order, payment for goods to company followed by receipt and product to customer.

– Any verbal agreements cannot be understood to be indicative of any forthcoming action unless it is followed up with written agreement from us.

– It is entirely at our discretion to reject any offer of purchase without giving further details as to why that decision has been made.

– You understand that Muel is a very small company and therefore appreciate we may from time to time make a mistake which may result in unwanted action. We will however do our best to rectify any mistakes as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring all parties involved are satisfied as far as possible.



– By placing an order through www.muel.co.uk you agree that you are 18 years or older or otherwise have the permission of a legal parent / guardian to make a purchase and are therefore held fully responsible and able to enter into a legally binding contract.

– When ordering a product, you are offering to purchase products from Muel Mountain Bike Apparel and your purchase is then subject to an offer of acceptance from us. If accepted, your contract lies with Muel Mountain Bike Apparel and we will issue you with a purchase order. Following this, we expect full payment in English Pounds before we can issue you with your product.

– Our payment methods include PayPal for a safe and secure system, as well as direct bank transfer if this is easier for you – please contact info@muel.co.uk for bank details.

– All pricing of products are given in English Pounds and include VAT.

– Delivery costing is added to the overall price once your order is complete and will be included in the total price on your purchase order.

– You will be charged the price of the product at the specific date you ordered your purchase. Previous or forthcoming offers or discounts are not applicable if purchased outside the dates of these offers.



– As we are a very small company, we may from time to time become out of stock of certain products and although we make every effort to update our website and inform customers of this ASAP, we may occasionally make a mistake. We ask for your understanding and will do our best to find you a product similar or inform you of further production of products if relevant.

– If you are at all unsure of stock please contact us at info@muel.co.uk



– We deliver to anywhere within the UK for a minimum price of £3.00 (Please note this price is accurate to February 2013 and may change slightly according to date and exact location of customer).

– All delivery charges will be inclusive of VAT

– As we cannot control the level of postal activity at any time, we ask you to allow 14 working days for your product to arrive

– We can deliver to some countries outside of the UK, but please allow 30 days for your purchase to arrive. Please contact info@muel.co.uk before making purchase

– Any additional tax or other duty charges as a result of delivery will be entirely the responsibility of the customer. We cannot be held responsible for customs or import charges if relevant.



– You have 7 working days to cancel any order you have made if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase. This seven days starts from the day after the product is delivered to you. See the section RETURNING A PRODUCT below for further details

– You must inform us in writing via email through info@muel.co.uk if you wish to cancel an order. We cannot accept post or phone messages

– Should you wish to cancel your order, we expect your purchase to be returned to us in the condition they were sent to you. Upon receipt of these undamaged / altered products we can issue you with a replacement or refund your account according to each individual case. See below for further details.



– We want you to feel happy with your purchase from us and therefore we entitle you to return your products to us if you are in receipt of a product that doesn’t fit the description we have given on our website, isn’t a true reflection of your purchase order or is of an unsatisfactory standard (this does not affect your statutory rights).

– You must inform us via info@muel.co.uk within seven working days of receipt of your purchase if you wish to make a refund

– If, following acknowledgement from us that you have received unsatisfactory goods (as described above) and it was already faulty when it arrived with you (unless effected as a result of postal delivery for which we cannot be held responsible for), we give you seven days to return your product in the exact state it was issued to you

We strongly suggest you return any unsatisfactory products to us through recorded delivery to ensure your purchase arrives back with us safely

– Only when we have received the faulty product can we then issue you with a refund or other action (such as discount voucher, alternative product etc)

– Any returned product must include a note stating the fault / reason why it is unsatisfactory

– We cannot accept any returned product if it has been altered from its original state in any way. This includes stretched, ironed, washed, discoloured or Wany dirt and has to be complete with any relevant tags so we are able to make a further sale with the product if necessary

– We cannot refund any products that have been purchased through a discount or as a sale item



– Having our customers feel safe while using our website is important to us so we adopt a number of privacy and security protocols to ensure we look after our customer wherever we can whilst online

– We do not store personal details including bank details, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses or any other method of contact on our system

– Your details are used solely for the purpose of purchase only (unless otherwise stated and full permission has been granted from customer)

– We do not forward personal details or give contact information of our customers to any third parties (unless specifically requested in writing from customer)

– We do not use cookies (a web feature to gain access to where you are searching on a website to help gain understanding of areas you are likely to look) as we believe this is an intrusive and unnecessary action