Mountain Bike Jersey

As we’ve been continuing to slowly grow and get the Muel name out, many riders have asked if we could do an MTB specific riding jersey…

Obviously we were chuffed to receive such enthusiastic requests so we started to put together some sketches. We wanted something that had presence and complimented our brand, something that was striking and dynamic and, if nothing else, looked cool! We also wanted it be of quality, comfortable and that could be worn with our existing kit.

Feeding these early ideas back to our riding team, we refined the design to something we are all confident exceeds our desires to look and feel good out on the trails and also, something that we can feel proud to wear and promote our name. We are chuffed with its high quality soft construction that encourages necessary airflow, but is also heavy enough to withstand the demands of mountain biking. We like v necks as they are none restricting and allow for more freedom of movement and a semi loose fit to allow for any body armour underneath.

With initial responses such as ‘easily as cool as any Troy Lee Designs jersey’ and ‘absolutely sick, riders are gonna love this’ we are chuffed to present our first Muel MTB Jersey.