Riding The Malvern Hills

Being based at the forefront of The Malvern Hills, we have been fortunate to have great natural
riding on our doorstep. Situated on the Hereford / Worcestershire border, the hills are recognised as
an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, providing great landscapes and views across three counties.
Having been described as a ‘mountain range in miniature’, the hills stretch across nearly 9 miles and
boast over 3000 acres of open countryside.

People travel from all over Europe to visit the hills and often enjoy all kinds of activities including
mountain biking. Under the Countryside Act 1968, bikes are allowed on bridleways and the majority
of trails across the hills are classed as these. There’s a multitude of routes across the hills, often
providing tracks that meet each individual’s preferences. Tracks vary from tight, narrow wooden
switchbacks on the side of the hills, to the broader and often rockier bridleways along the peaks.

In the early 90’s, when mountain biking had only really been around for less than a decade, The
Malvern Hills Classics, a bike race towards the Hereford end of the hills, held various downhill and
cross country races with all the big named riders taking part. It was the introduction to the sport for
a lot of bikers and inspired local professional Liam Killeen to try it out.

In the same area, a mountain biking event dubbed ‘the London Marathon of mountain biking’, now
takes place at the far end of the hills and sees riders from all over the globe competing in the 24
hour endurance event. The annual event has become the largest and most prestigious race on the
planet and been the inspiration for many other 24 hour endurance races.

The Conservators (public body with responsibility for the preservation of the Malvern Hillls)
welcome cyclists and suggest obtaining an Ordnance Survey map to help identify where the trails
are. It is in our interest as mountain bikers to respect others on the hills and always give way to
pedestrians to ensure we build a positive reputation for our sport.